Please Mr. President

It is no secret that our current president is, in a way not really seen since men wore top hats, willing to put his own interests ahead of the country.

What’s mind-boggling to me is that, with the COVID-19 crisis, the country’s and the president’s interests are almost perfectly aligned and yet the president refuses to, apparently out of some blind adherence to what people say on Fox News, act to give himself a chance of re-election in November.

Now listen, I don’t have any interest in seeing the current administration in power another four years, but I do have a strong interest in seeing our country overcome the COVID-19 crisis and go into 2021 with some semblance of the economy intact, and it’s been incredibly frustrating to watch the president refuse to do the two things that would both most help his own chances for reelection and help the country. Those two things are:

  • encourage people to wear masks
  • continue the economic stimulus package so that people who are out of work can stay home

It’s that simple! If the President would just do those two things, we could both radically reduce transmission of the virus (saving many thousands of lives) and keep the economy breathing long enough to make it until we have a vaccine or improved treatment options.

The president’s blind insistence on doing the opposite of whatever the people he perceives are his enemies say we should do has lead him to repeatedly shoot himself in the foot during this crisis. It seems so completely obvious to me that he could improve his own approval ratings and keep his base happy (by mailing them checks every week!) by doing these two very simple things that he could easily muster support for in congress, and yet he refuses to do it.

Somehow he can’t see three months ahead and realize that unless something dramatically changes we’re going to continue to have an enormous COVID outbreak into November (coming with an enormous and tragic loss of life) and if we take away the economic stimulus there are going to be millions of people unable to pay their rent and put food on the table.

In the interest of what’s good for the country, president trump, I beg you, please give yourself a fighting chance of re-election in November. Come out in favor of masks and throw some weight behind the stimulus package. Not that it matters to you, but it will also save many thousands of lives and prevent the suffering of millions of Americans. But more importantly it’s the only thing you can do to help yourself not get embarrassingly routed in November.

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