Make better decisions, faster.

I love helping companies get more value out of their data. To get you started, I run intensive training sessions and workshops to both bring companies up-to-speed on data best-practices as well as help product and engineering teams learn how to build data-driven products.

Executive analytics and data strategy

This workshop is structured to help executives develop a data strategy for the company. We answer questions like:

  • How can we leverage data in our product and business strategy?
  • How can our data differentiate us from the competition?

A primary goal of the workshop is to drive to alignment within the executive team so that data initiatives can be executed without internal political blockers. Workshop artifacts include a data roadmap, an org-chart, and a roll-out plan.

Building data-driven products

This workshop is designed to help companies build better products by using the data that they already have. From improving search or product recommendations on your website to predicting customer behavior, this workshop is designed to teach product managers and software engineers how to design and implement data-driven products.

  • Helps align digital product, software engineering, and data teams on strategy for building, deploying, maintaining, and monitoring data-driven products
  • Through facilitated conversation and brainstorming, we generate new ideas for data driven products and drive for cross-functional understanding of opportunities, limitations, and trade-offs  in building these types of products

Data warehouse and BI strategy

If you want to build a data-driven company, you need to have the tools that empower your organization to make better decisions, faster. The data warehouse and business intelligence tool sit at the core of your data platform and are critical to democratizing data access across your organization.

However, there are many pitfalls along the path to building a well-functioning data warehouse. In this organization we will

  • Facilitate discussion between stakeholders and the data team, define objectives and key results, draft a roadmap for short, medium, and long term projects
  • Empower the team with a process for improved stakeholder management and road-mapping

Analytics leadership training

Analytics is a relatively new discipline that includes a mix of skill sets from  software engineering, strategy consulting, and academia. Many of the leadership and management practices that were developed within those disciplines, do not apply well to modern analytics teams.

In this workshop, we train your analytics leadership team on how to most effectively build and run high-performing data teams.

  • Cover best practices for org design, hiring, managing, and developing data professionals
  • Leave the workshop having completed exercises around values, SLAs, OKRs, job descriptions, and interview prep

If you want to talk more about how to get more value out of data at your organization, shoot me an email.