Most Saturdays that aren’t post-perreo recovery days I like to spend at least a chunk of the day either taking care of chores that I didn’t get to during the week (booking travel, responding to personal emails that require long-form response, etc).

This ritual allows me two nice things: for little small things that I know i want to do, I can simply note them in my to-do list app and schedule them for Saturday so I don’t interrupt my productive work flow but it also makes sure those things actually get done.

Today I did two great Saturday tasks of fixing small things that had been bugging me for a while:

  • I fixed my vim config so that searching for a word with # or * won’t automatically jump to the next occurrence (which may be off the screen)
  • I updated my google docs default styling settings so that the header sections and titles are automatically styled the way I like without having to adjust them

These two things seem small, but they’d been driving me bonkers for a while and I feel great being able to check them off the list and reaping the benefits of my very-slightly-increased-productivity for years into the future!

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