Recast helps marketing teams improve the efficiency of their advertising dollars.  We think of it as a media-mix-model for the modern marketer. Our statistical model provides a high-level view on the total return-on-ad-spend for all of a company’s marketing channels.

It improves on existing techniques by incorporating all channels at once, working in near-real-time (both in contrast to unwieldy lift tests), and not relying on potentially faulty tracking or attribution weights.

If you think Recast might be a good fit for your company, please reach out.  

Locally Optimistic

A blog for aspiring current and future analytics leaders. I co-founded the blog with some of my friends in the New York data scene, and we’ve had a blast writing about the nerd shit we love. Take a look, and if you’re into it you should join our slack group.

Databases Demystified

A video course aimed to bridge the gap between people who have used databases and people who have built them. I designed this course for a tech-adjacent audience that wants to learn more about the most important concepts in databases without having to get a computer-science degree to figure it out.

Bolster (no longer active)

Bolster is was reimagining how families plan and pay for long term care. You can read more about the problem in a recent New York Times article “Many Americans Will Need Long-Term Care. Most Won’t be Able to Afford It.” If you haven’t thought about what will happen if someone in your family needs long term care (if, for example, they develop Alzheimer’s) you should start thinking about it today. I am still passionate about improving how people in America age and find meaning in retirement. If you have ideas: please email me.


Let’s re-shuffle some rap songs. I scraped a bunch of rap lyrics and built a database of lines. This app creates new songs by matching lines from different songs and artists that rhyme (most of the time).

Bel-Air Radio

Who doesn’t love underground internet radio? I worked on this project to build a new website for Bushwick’s own Bel-Air radio collective. Jam out.