I co-founded Recast 3 years ago to rid the world of wasted marketing spend. Recast is a media measurement platform that helps modern brands measure and optimize their marketing budgets. At Recast I love thinking deeply about how to make complex statistical results interpretable by non-statistics folk and thinking deeply about how to convert real-world marketing beliefs into an estimable statistical model.

Analytics Engineers Club

When Claire Carroll and I started AEC we had a pretty simple goal in mind: build the course that we wished we had taken when we got into analytics engineering. AEC is the best analytics engineering training course that doesn’t just teach tools: we teach students how to think like software engineers.

Locally Optimistic

A blog for aspiring current and future analytics leaders. I co-founded the blog with some of my friends in the New York data scene, and we’ve had a blast writing about the nerd shit we love. Take a look, and if you’re into it you should join our slack group.

Databases Demystified

A video course aimed to bridge the gap between people who have used databases and people who have built them. I designed this course for a tech-adjacent audience that wants to learn more about the most important concepts in databases without having to get a computer-science degree to figure it out.

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