Announcing: Databases Demystified

I know what you’ve all been thinking: you’ve missed listening to me ramble on for minutes at a time about random pieces of technology that I find interesting. You’ve also been wondering if I’ve grown a quarantine mustache.

Well, have I got a treat for you:

Databases Demystified Youtube Channel

In this course, we’re going to cover all of the most important topics for understanding how and why databases work the way that they do. Each lesson will be between 5 and 10 minutes long and is designed to give you a high-level conceptual understanding of the topic without getting bogged down into the weeds of algorithms or low-level computation.

The intended audience for this course is people who are “tech adjacent” but who might not have spent much time learning about database fundamentals during their formal studies. Maybe it’s a frontend engineer who wants to become more “full-stack”, a marketing person at a tech company that integrates tightly with databases, or a data analyst trying to learn how to make better use of the technologies they’re working with.

We’re going to be releasing (roughly) one video a week over the next few months. If you have questions or topics that you’d like for us to cover, please reach out! Either email me at or drop a comment on one of the videos.

If you’re at all interested, please subscribe to my youtube channel — that’s the best way you can show your support!

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